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You may be the Chosen One, mate, but this is a whole lot bigger than that.


Harry Potter > Friendships ( Golden + Silver Trios. )

inspired by this gifset

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22 years ago today. 22 years ago today, a boy named Harry Potter boarded the Hogwarts Express. 22 years ago today, Ron Weasley asked if he could sit in Harry’s compartment. 22 years ago today, Hermione Granger asked they if they saw Neville’s toad. 22 years ago today, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were sorted into Gryffindor. 22 years ago today, the golden trio met.

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get to know: Natalie Dormer (insp.)

I didn’t believe a word. But that’s okay, I knew it was the right thing to do. Funerals, I’ve decided, are not for the dead. They’re for the living.

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  “A scarlet steam engine was waiting next to a platform  packed with people. A sign overhead said Hogwarts Express, eleven o’clock. Harry looked behind him and saw a wrought-iron archway where the barrier had been, with  the words Platform Nine and Three-Quarters on it.
  Smoke from the engine drifted over the heads of the chattering crowd, while cats of every color wound here and there between their legs. Owls hooted to one another in a disgruntled sort of way over the babble and the scraping of heavy trunks.”

Happy September 1st, y’all!

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harry potter in details: hands;

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Lydia, look at me. Don’t listen. Okay, don’t listen to it. Just focus on my voice, Lydia. Don’t listen to it, block it out. Okay?

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I don’t have perfect teeth, I’m not stick-thin. I do worry about the expectation to look a certain way. It’s ridiculous that loving the way you look seems such an unrealistic goal. I think actresses who are really successful are the ones who are comfortable in their own skin and still look human.

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He knows how to play.

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